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Q. What causes a power loss?

A. Power loss may be caused by any unforeseen event that disconnects the power from your electrical system like energy shortage, a winter storm, or problem with a power line.


Q. Why do circuits breaker trip?

A. When too many appliances are plugged in or turned on in the circuit, you will experience an overload which makes the circuit breaker trip. Other reasons are faulty wiring or appliances that cause a short circuit.


Q. What Causes A Power Loss?
A power loss  may be caused by a winter storm, an energy shortage, a summer brownout, a downed tree falling on a power line, an earthquake or any unforeseen event that cuts off the power to your electrical system.

Q. How can I prepare for Power loss?
A. You can install a backup power system, consisting of a generator connected to a switching panel. USA Electric installs all sizes of emergency home generator systems according to your home needs.

Q. How does a generator work?
A. When the power goes out, a generator creates electrical power without using a utility's electrical source. Typically, a generator runs on fuel, like diesel, natural gas or LPG.

When a generator is installed in your home, one main breaker is connected to your home's load center and the other main breaker is connected to your generator. The generator panel is then connected to circuits for critical electrical loads - furnace, refrigerator, lights, sump pump, etc. - that you designate need to remain on during a power loss.

Q. What type of generator is right for my home?
A. The first step in purchasing a generator is to identify the things you absolutely cannot live without during a power outage. Usually high on the list will be the refrigerator and the freezer, a well pump, the furnace fan if you have natural gas or oil heat, and maybe some lighting.

USA Electric can share more details with you, just give us a call to find out how you can protect yourself against power losses.


Q. My house does not have grounded outlets.  Do I need to rewire my house?

A. No, in home wiring, prior the 1960’s, it was quite common to only have a 2 wire (not grounded) system.  The NEC allows the installation of GFCI outlets either at the first outlet of the circuit or at every outlet.  They must however be labeled “ungrounded receptacle”.


Q. My electric bill is too high.  is my electric meter spinning faster then it should?

A. No, all electric meters are calibrated once by their manufacturer. Your meter is designed to spin by the electrical energy that passes through it. Therefore, it is not possible that the meter is “over spinning”. In some cases mechanical meters may spin slower then they should due to gear issues.